How to add drop down menu in Shopify

Step-by-Step Guide: Creating a Dropdown Menu in Shopify

Erlan Emilev
Shopify Tutorials

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Navigating through a Shopify store can prove to be a real challenge, especially when the site’s layout and menu lack clarity. When your users struggle to find their way around, it results in frustration, disengagement, and lost opportunities for conversions and sales. That’s why creating a seamless and user-friendly shopping experience is important for any Shopify store owner. If you want to enhance your website’s menu to make it more organized and user-centric, consider implementing a drop-down menu in your Shopify store. By doing this, you’ll increase customer engagement and conversions making your visitors’ browsing experience simpler and more comfortable. In this article, we’ll delve into the importance of a drop-down menu in Shopify and we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of adding a drop-down menu to your Shopify store. 

Before we dive into the details, here's an overview of what we'll be covering:

  • The Benefits of Adding a Drop-Down Menu in Shopify
  • How to Make a Drop-Down Menu in Shopify
  • How to Improve User Experience with an Intuitive Shopify Drop-Down Menu

The Benefits of Adding a Drop-Down Menu in Shopify

Before delving into the advantages of implementing a drop-down menu in Shopify, let's first define what a Shopify dropdown menu is. 

A Shopify dropdown menu is a navigation feature on your Shopify store that allows you to organize and show various product categories or menu items in a hierarchical, user-friendly way. So when your website visitors interact with the menu, it expands to reveal subcategories or specific items, helping customers find what they’re looking for. It’s a must-have tool for optimizing user experience on your ecommerce website and overall shopping experience for your customers.

So, what are the benefits of adding a drop-down menu in Shopify

Having a drop-down menu for your Shopify store can offer several benefits:

Improved Navigation: You can hierarchically arrange your products or categories using drop-down menus. This makes it easier for customers to browse and find what they're looking for, leading to a more enjoyable shopping experience.

Space Efficiency: Drop-down menus save space on the screen. At first, they show a concise list of choices. When your users hover or click, more options appear, making your website appear more organized. 

Categorization: Effective product categorization makes it easier for your customers to filter and find specific items. This helps customers to quickly identify the section they want to explore.

Reduced Clicks: With a well-designed drop-down menu, customers can access subcategories or certain products immediately from the main menu, minimizing the number of clicks required to reach their desired items. 

Improved User Experience: A well-designed drop-down menu streamlines the user experience, requiring less time and effort to find the products. This can result in higher customer loyalty and satisfaction. 

Promotion Visibility: Drop-down menus can be used to draw attention to special or discounted items. Placing them in a prominent location within the menu can boost their visibility and increase sales.

Mobile Friendliness: To keep your store user-friendly on a variety of screen sizes many drop-down menus are made to be responsive and work well on mobile devices. 

Organized Information: In addition to organizing products, drop-down menus can also group other crucial elements for customers such as shipping details, return policies, or contact information. 

Aesthetic Appeal: A well-designed drop-down menu can improve your site’s visual appeal and give it a more polished and professional look. 

Analytics and Insights: By monitoring user interactions with your drop-down menu, you can learn which categories or products are most popular. This data can help you shape your marketing and merchandising strategies. 

A drop-down menu can substantially improve your Shopify store’s functionality and usability, giving customers a better shopping experience and possibly boosting sales. 

How to Make a Drop-Down Menu in Shopify

Step 1: Login to your Shopify Admin 

Access your Shopify store's admin panel by signing in.

Step 2: Press on Online Store 

From your Shopify admin, access the “Online Store” tab located in the left-hand sidebar under the “Sales channels” section.

Step 3: Select the “Navigation” option

Within the Online store menu, locate the fourth item on the list, which is Navigation, and click on it.

Step 4: Click on “Main Menu”

Inside the “Navigation” section, press on “Main menu”.  

Step 5: Pick One Item to Be the Header 

You have the option to choose an item from your list as the name for your dropdown menu or create a new one by clicking on “Add menu item”. 

Step 6: Add Menu Item

After clicking on “Add menu item” you will see a separate dialog box in the right-hand sidebar. You’ll find an option to name the menu item and where the menu item is directed to. You should fill in the name and Link fields, and then click on Add. 

If you don’t want the header to be linked to anything, you can enter # in the Link field while adding the menu item. 

By using the new header in the dropdown menu, you can follow the same procedure to introduce new items to the menu. Just click on “Add menu item” and enter the title and the link’s destination. 

Step 7: Click and Drag the Item

Hold down on the ⋮⋮ icon and shift the item to the spot below the header of your menu. 

Step 8: Save Menu 

Toward the bottom of the page, you’ll see the “Save menu” button. Click on it and finish the process. Great job! You’ve added the Shopify dropdown menu.

How to Improve User Experience with an Intuitive Shopify Drop-Down Menu 

To enhance the user-experience with a Shopify drop-down menu, consider these practical tips and best practices. 

Clear Organization: Organize your menu rationally, by grouping products or sections into categories that your clients will understand. Use labels that are clear and informative. Make sure that your menu is simple and logical. 

Limit Categories: Keep the number of categories and subcategories manageable. You don’t want to confuse your users with the menu. It shouldn’t have too many options. 

Prioritize Items: Organize your Shopify drop-down menu in such a way so that the most important or well-liked categories are at the top. 

Use Descriptive Labels: Create clear and descriptive menu labels that make it apparent what each category or item contains. Avoid using jargon or unclear terminology. 

Consistent Styling: To provide a seamless and recognizable user experience, keep the visual style for your menu throughout your website consistent. 

Mobile-Friendly Design: Make sure your Shopify dropdown menu has touch-friendly components and is simple to use on mobile devices. 

Loading Speed: If you don’t want to frustrate your website visitors, optimize your website for speedy loading. 

Accessibility: Ensure your menu is accessible to users with disabilities by following accessibility guidelines.

Testing: Test your Shopify drop-down menu with real customers to find any problems or potential improvements. 

Analytics: Utilize analytics tools to monitor user interactions with your menu and get information on the most popular products or categories. 

By using these tips, you can add a drop-down menu in Shopify that improves user experience and makes your customers’ navigation easy and effective. 


When it comes to user experience, adding a drop-down menu to your Shopify store can be a game-changer. It makes navigation easier, makes it easier for customers to find what they need quickly, and ultimately increases sales. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you've gained the knowledge to create a streamlined and organized Shopify drop-down menu that suits the tastes of your target audience. Keep in mind that a user-friendly interface is essential for retaining customers and enticing them to explore your offerings. Take the necessary time to perfect your menu, track its effectiveness, and make necessary adjustments in order to continuously enhance the shopping experience for your valued customers. With this powerful tool at your disposal, you’re well on your way to creating a more successful and customer-centric Shopify store.