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Klaviyo vs tinyEmail: A Comprehensive Comparison

a Detailed Comparison

Klaviyo vs tinyEmail: A Comprehensive Comparison Klaviyo vs tinyEmail: A Comprehensive Comparison

Driving consistent sales, building strong customer relationships, and keeping your brand at the top of your customer's mind is essential in today’s constantly changing ecommerce environment. An email marketing app does just that and more. Email marketing is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. Utilizing the strength of customized email campaigns, you can encourage repeat purchases, nurture relationships, improve customer acquisition, and introduce new products. 

Choosing the best email marketing app for Shopify can greatly enhance your ecommerce business. With the best Shopify apps for email marketing, your marketing strategy can be more personalized and effective than ever. When done right, email marketing is a money maker. Studies have shown that every $1 invested in email marketing generates 36$ in revenue. With that said, you need to choose the best email marketing software to increase your earnings. There are numerous email marketing platforms available for ecommerce businesses, making it challenging to select the one that suits your needs the best. To narrow down the list and save you time, we’ve handpicked two email marketing apps for Shopify: tinyEmail and Klaviyo. By comparing Klaviyo to tinyEmail you will know which platform suits your ecommerce needs the most. 

Klaviyo vs tinyEmail

Klaviyo vs tinyEmail

Let’s start with tinyEmail.


tinyMail - email marketing platform

So, what is tinyEmail? What does the app do? 

Unlike Klaviyo and other big players in the world of email marketing, tinyEmail is relatively new. But it is not just a new email marketing tool for ecommerce businesses, it is an AI powered email marketing platform that enables entrepreneurs to create and manage their email marketing campaigns with ease and reach out to their target audience effectively. In addition to that, Klaviyo is also an SMS marketing platform. 

To whom tinyEmail is built for? 

The app is designed specifically for small and medium-sized business owners, professional bloggers, podcasters, course creators, e-commerce merchants, YouTubers, and every creative content creator out there. 

How does tinyEmail help? 

tinyEmail empowers you to strengthen customer relationships. It’s the ideal solution for marketers aiming to create a successful email marketing strategy. Compared to Klaviyo, it’s actually lighter on functionality, a little quicker, and simpler to use. Email creation is super quick, lists can be managed easily, and metrics are quite helpful. With tinyEmail, you can send engaging, precisely targeted emails to scale your business. You can also be confident that your emails will reach their intended destination and if you did your job, will be read by your customer. 

Despite being a fresh face on the market, tinyEmail packs a punch with its innovative features, poised to revolutionize email marketing campaigns for businesses and individuals alike. These features are designed to make email marketing easy and effective. 

Here is a closer look at its features:

tinyEmail Features:

tinyEmail’s AI-Powered Messaging 

Its AI approach and ease of use are what make tinyEmail so popular among ecommerce and Shopify merchants. The app uses advanced machine learning algorithms to create email campaigns that are tailored to particular audience segments. They’ve released a tool called tinyEinstein that uses Open AI to improve your marketing copy. This makes it possible for store owners to reach out to their target audience with appropriate content, increasing the possibility of successful conversions. The app uses AI to generate subject lines and copy that can potentially double your email open rates. 

tinyEmail Customizable Email Templates 

tinyEmail offers a wide range of customizable email templates. You can change the provided email templates to reflect your brand and message. The platform also enables you to create your own templates if you would rather start from scratch.

tinyEmail Advanced Segmentation 

With tinyEmail’s sophisticated segmentation feature, you can precisely target specific subscriber groups, ensuring that they only receive the most relevant content. This tailored approach not only boosts engagement rates but also reduces email fatigue, making your email marketing campaigns more efficient and appreciated by your target audience. 

tinyEmail Email Personalization 

tinyEmail gives email personalization top priority, understanding its importance for effective email marketing. Using subscriber details like name, location and behavior you can easily integrate dynamic content. What’s more, tinyEmail gives you complete control over audience segmentation based on preferences, location and where they are in the marketing funnel, enabling more tailored and effective communication. 

tinyEmail Drag & Drop Email Editor

The platform’s user-friendly drag-and-drop email editor is truly revolutionary. It allows you to craft professional-looking emails effortlessly and swiftly. With a plethora of templates at your fingertips, you can customize each one to fit your brand. The magic of seamless email design won’t disappoint you. 

tinyEmail Forms

tinyEmail is a flexible tool that allows you to create forms, pop-ups, and landing pages tailored from a variety of customizable templates. These features are created to efficiently gather leads and contact information, making it a priceless tool for expanding your email list and enhancing the reach of your business. 

tinyEmail A/B Testing

Using the A/B testing function, you can compare and evaluate the effectiveness of different variations and modifications of their email campaigns. This invaluable tool aids in campaign optimization for higher open and click-through rates, ensuring more successful email outreach. 

tinyEmail Analytics

TinyEmail has a powerful built-in email performance tracker, empowering you with in-depth analytics and reports to effortlessly gauge the effectiveness of your emails.

tinyEmail Pros and Cons

tinyEmail is a powerful easy-to-use email marketing solution that uses AI to boost email campaigns. It has essential features that are suitable for both experienced and inexperienced marketers. Although there are still certain things that may be done better, the platform's dedication to innovation and customer feedback point to a bright future.

tinyEmail Pricing

Free Plan:


Up to 500 subscribers.

Includes forms & popups, automation emails, AI subject line assistant (limited to 15/day), limited sender identities, premium templates, AMP data services, predefined segments, and custom segments.

Standard Plan:


Everything in the Free plan plus unlimited subscribers, premium & AMP templates, custom modules, AI subject line assistant (limited to 45/day), limited senders, limited predefined segments, limited custom segments, and custom domain.

Pro Plan:


Everything in the Standard plan plus unlimited prebuilt segments, unlimited custom segments, AI subject line assistant (unlimited), custom domain, dedicated IP, unlimited sender identities, and priority support.

Enterprise Plan:

Custom pricing.

Tailored for big companies with high-volume needs (1.5M+ emails/mo), enhanced enterprise security, dedicated IPs, and other advanced features. 

Now let’s talk about Klaviyo. 


Klaviyo - email and SMS marketing platform

What is Klaviyo? What does it do? 

Unlike tinyEmail, Klaviyo is a seasoned player in the email marketing world. But just like tinyEmail it is a great platform for email marketing. Klaviyo has earned a reputation as one of the most complete tools for businesses of all sizes. It is a data-driven email marketing platform that helps businesses create and manage advanced email marketing campaigns and deliver a more personalized experience for their customers. 

To whom Klaviyo is built for? 

The app is made exclusively for owners of small, medium and large enterprises. While tinyEmail is more suited for small businesses and solo content creators, Klaviyo is suited for both small and large businesses. 

How does Klaviyo help? 

Tailored for ecommerce business, Klaviyo not only helps you forge deep high-quality connections with your customers but also offers insightful analytics to supercharge your email campaigns. It has a rich functionality. And it doesn’t just offer email services, it provides valuable tools to boost your sales. Klaviyo provides an integrated SMS platform that works with your emails to deliver improved results.  

Additionally, it provides a full data based perspective of your customers so you can personalize each message using robust automation. The app also allows you to create multichannel customer experiences and manage them all from a single platform. 

Being a complete tool, Klaviyo offers essential marketing features that help businesses grow their customer lifetime value, retention, and revenue. 

Let’s take a closer look at its features: 

Klaviyo Features

Klaviyo Omnichannel Messaging

The foundation of Klaviyo’s omnichannel messaging strategy is its powerful marketing automation tools that utilize rich customer data. By using Klaviyo, you can send personalized and dynamic content over a variety of channels, including email, SMS and mobile push notifications. This ensures that customers receive consistent and relevant messages, whether they're reading an email, receiving an SMS, or getting a push notification on their mobile device. By consolidating these communication channels, Klaviyo gives brands the power to design a single customer experience that improves customer engagement and promotes effective growth. 

Klaviyo SMS Marketing

Klaviyo’s SMS marketing feature is tailored for ecommerce growth and retention, offering a unique blend of immediacy and personal touch. The platform offers a range of functions, including order confirmations and new product announcements. A standout feature is its two-way communication, letting customers text back and receive genuine human responses. You can design flows to send text messages at particular touch points and send targeted messages to particular segments. Klaviyo also provides built-in benchmarks and A/B testing for SMS marketing, too. 

Klaviyo Advanced Segmentation 

Businesses may divide their email lists using Klaviyo’s advanced segmentation according to a wide range of factors, such as shopping preference, purchase frequency, acquisition source, browsing behaviors, and more. This capability ensures the delivery of personalized and relevant email campaigns, driving both engagement and revenue. 

Klaviyo Personalization 

Personalization is a key element of effective email marketing. With Klaviyo, you have the freedom to create highly personalized email campaigns that connect with your audience and provide measurable business outcomes. This feature enables you to send targeted messages with dynamic content, product recommendations, etc. that have a great chance of connecting with your audience. It increases the chances of conversions and sales. 

Klaviyo Automation 

With the help of Klaviyo’s powerful automation system, which is designed specifically for businesses, they can quickly set up email campaigns that are triggered by specific customer actions like abandoned shopping carts, product views, and more. With a plethora of pre-built, customizable automation flows for lists, metrics, dates, times, and events, businesses may send targeted emails to subscribers. This includes welcome series, next order predictions, product restocks, price drops, browse and cart abandonment notifications, and more. By automating these routine procedures, Klaviyo helps business not only save valuable time but also improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, resulting in higher revenue. 

Klaviyo A/B Testing 

Klaviyo’s extensive A/B testing tool equips businesses and enables thorough optimization of email marketing strategies. You can test and improve almost every aspect of your emails, including Email Flows, Campaigns, Subject Lines, Content, Sending Times, and Sending Cadence. This approach ensures that decisions are driven by metrics, optimizing elements like subject lines and call-to-action buttons. Besides, Klaviyo offers flexibility in determining the size of your testing pool and the duration of your testing period. After the test, you have the option to either let Klaviyo automatically select the best-performing version or make the selection manually. With Klaviyo, A/B testing is an easy and worthwhile component of your email marketing endeavors. 

Klaviyo Integrations 

Klaviyo provides a lengthy and established list of integrations including everything from social media to ecommerce and payments. With seamless connections to popular ecommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento, businesses can effortlessly sync their store data to automate their email marketing. Additionally, Klaviyo integrates with other notable platforms such as Facebook, Recharge, Gatsby, and Gorgias, and 3rd party Shopify apps like Growave, enabling businesses to connect with their customers and send targeted messages across various channels. 

Klaviyo Analytics and AI 

To improve the effectiveness of email campaigns, Klaviyo provides robust reporting and analytics tools. These tools include detailed explanations of different metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and revenue generated. Beyond standard analytics, Klaviyo highlights the power of data science, making it accessible and user-friendly for its users. Whether you’re building custom reports from scratch or using pre-built ones from Klaviyo, the platform’s data science capabilities are expansive. For example, you can forecast each customer’s next purchase date and anticipate their future spending. The data-driven strategy allows you to identify high-value customers and then specifically target them with VIP offers. In addition to that, Klaviyo provides AI technologies to direct the growth of ecommerce. For email subject lines and SMS campaigns, Klaviyo provides AI-powered writing. 

Klaviyo Pros and Cons

Klaviyo Pricing

Email and SMS Combined:

Starting at $60/month.

This plan allows you to reach customers through both email and SMS.

Email Only:

Starting at $45/month.

This plan focuses on email marketing and includes features such as mobile push notifications and a certain number of free monthly SMS/MMS credits.

Free Plan:


This plan is perfect for those just starting out and wanting to try the Klaviyo platform. It offers up to 500 monthly email sends, mobile push notifications, and a certain number of free monthly SMS/MMS credits. Email support is provided for the first 60 days.

SMS Costs:

The cost of sending SMS and MMS messages varies based on the country of the recipient. For example, in the USA, an SMS costs 1 credit ($0.01) and an MMS costs 3 credits ($0.03).

Klaviyo Reviews Pricing:

This is for sending review requests to customers. Pricing ranges from $25 for 250 max monthly orders to $500 for 10,000 max monthly orders.

Klaviyo CDP Pricing:

Plans start at $500/month for 100k profiles. This is for storing, managing, analyzing, and activating customer data.

Detailed Feature and Pricing Comparison Table


Klaviyo vs tinyEmail: A Comprehensive Comparison
Klaviyo vs tinyEmail: A Comprehensive Comparison

tinyEmail vs Klaviyo – Which is the best fit for your business?

Both tinyEmail vs Klaviyo offer powerful features designed specifically for Shopify and ecommerce businesses. 

The choice between tinyEmail and Klaviyo ultimately hinges on the specific requirements of your ecommerce business.  

Klaviyo shines in its deep data integrations, allowing for highly personalized customer experiences. It's a great choice for businesses that want to leverage customer data for personalized marketing campaigns.

tinyEmail, on the other hand, stands out with its AI-powered messaging and emphasis on user-friendliness. It seems to be a favorite among businesses that value ease of use and AI-driven content generation.

Klaviyo might be a better option if you place a high priority on in-depth data integrations and thorough analytics. But tinyEmail might be the best option if you're seeking for a simple platform with intelligent content recommendations. 

What’s more, Klaviyo was founded in 2012, making it a more established ecommerce platform in the email marketing industry. While Klaviyo has been on the market for a longer time, tinyEmail is emerging as a competitive user-friendly email marketing platform with a focus on AI-driven features. 

When it comes to pricing tinyEmail's Standard Plan is cheaper than Klaviyo's starting plan. However, the Pro Plan of tinyEmail is priced the same as Klaviyo's combined Email and SMS plan.Klaviyo’s pricing depends on how many email contacts you have. tinyEmail’s pricing depends on how many emails you send per month. 

Ultimately, the best platform for your Shopify store will depend on your specific needs, budget, and preferences.