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Klaviyo vs Omnisend: Decoding the Best Email Marketing Solution

a Detailed Comparison

Klaviyo vs Omnisend: Decoding the Best Email Marketing Solution Klaviyo vs Omnisend: Decoding the Best Email Marketing Solution

What email marketing app should I use when running a Shopify store? 

What is the best email platform for Shopify? 

What is the best email app for ecommerce?

These are common inquiries among new entrepreneurs and those who know a thing or two about ecommerce already know the answer. Klaviyo and Omnisend. 

Welcome to our detailed comparison of two of the industry's best email marketing platforms: Klaviyo and Omnisend. These Shopify email apps are always at the hearing. They help Shopify store owners create lasting and high-value relationships. 

And for ecommerce merchants, email marketing can be a powerful tool in their marketing arsenal. It allows you to reach your target audience effectively and cost-efficiently and it can be used to achieve a number of different objectives. With the right app, you can increase both leads and repeat customers, and that’s not all. It can help you develop your business online. 

Both Omnisend and Klaviyo are power-packed omnichannel marketing automation tools tailored for ecommerce businesses. While both shine brightly in the digital world, they resonate with distinct audiences. Join us as we explore the features, functionalities, and unique offerings of these two amazing platforms. By the end of the comparison, you’ll have a better understanding of which email platform aligns with your business goals and marketing strategies. 

What is Klaviyo? 

Klaviyo is a potent email marketing tool known for its sophisticated segmentation and automation capabilities. It allows ecommerce businesses to create personalized email campaigns based on customer behavior and preferences. 

Klaviyo Advantages Compared to Omnisend:

Klaviyo has a plethora of segmentation options, allowing users to reach almost any customer or segment they desire. This is in contrast to Omnisend, which is noted to be lacking in this area. By using Klaviyo, you may distribute customized and dynamic content over a number of channels, such as email, SMS, and mobile push notifications. Klaviyo’s robust segmentation tool allows users to create specific customer groups based on various factors, including purchase history, browsing behavior, location, and more. With Klaviyo, you have the freedom to create as many segments as you want and tailor them to your unique requirements. Additionally, the app enables you to use as much data as necessary for your email marketing campaigns. 

As opposed to Omnisend’s more basic templates, Klaviyo offers a wider range of richer email templates to fit your branding and messaging. There are more design options for CTA buttons and images and the design blocks are more eye-catching. By using Klaviyo email templates you can streamline your process, eliminating the need to build emails from scratch. The apps offers a variety of templates tailored for various email types, including newsletters, promotions, abandoned cart reminders, and more. 

As we’ve said before, Klaviyo has one of the most powerful workflow automation tools on the market right now. Klaviyo’s automation features appear to be more robust and comprehensive compared to what Omnisend has. These features cover a wide range of marketing needs. Its features include automated flows for various events, data integration from multiple sources, advanced customer profiling, segmentation based on numerous conditions, data science tools for predictive analytics, and AI-driven insights. Ecommerce businesses may use these features to build highly personalized and targeted campaigns, improve their effectiveness via A/B testing, and make data-driven decisions. You can engage with any customer or group at any point in their experience journey. 

Klaviyo's reporting gives you a panoramic view of your business journey from day one. You can tailor the insights to focus on what truly matters to you and choose the timeframe that suits your needs. Plus, you can seamlessly integrate data from other marketing channels like subscription billing, reviews, and loyalty programs. Such detailed reporting is exclusively accessible to those with a top-tier subscription to Omnisend. When it comes to reporting, Klaviyo is pretty much an undisputed champ. 

What ecommerce platforms does Klaviyo integrate with?


What is Omnisend? 

Omnisend is a robust marketing automation platform designed specifically for e-commerce businesses. It allows users to create personalized email and SMS campaigns, segmenting their audience for targeted outreach. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, Omnisend streamlines the process of connecting with customers and boosting sales. 

Omnisend Advantages Compared to Klaviyo:

Although, Omnisend offers more straightforward email templates, it provides a broader range of customization options compared to Klaviyo. Omnisend’s email templates are very easy on the eyes and, more importantly, very customizable. You can customize your emails with ease and to your heart’s content. You can choose from a wide selection of email templates, be it for holiday celebrations, promotions, or brand-specific designs. They also provide the option to upload your own HTML design at no extra cost. 

When comparing customer support between Omnisend and Klaviyo, Omnisend has the edge. While Klaviyo offers limited support hours, especially for free users, Omnisend provides consistent 24/7 email and live chat support, even on its free plan. Additionally, Omnisend enriches its users with the Omnisend Academy, a comprehensive resource filled with recordings, workshops, and guides to improve ecommerce marketing skills. In contrast, Klaviyo's support is restricted to email for the first 60 days, after which users are left without assistance unless they upgrade. The significance of steady and reliable customer support is paramount, especially when unexpected obstacles emerge in the marketing journey. What’s more, Omnisend encourages continuous learning and assists its users in staying current with the latest email marketing trends. 

When it comes to pricing, both platforms offer free plans. Both Omnisend and Klaviyo have a pricing plan based on your number of contacts. But Klaviyo is designed for enterprises with a significant marketing budget, as its pricing quickly rises with increased usage. It primarily caters to experienced marketers or businesses looking to invest more substantially in their marketing efforts. The Email Only Plan starts at $20/month. Omnisend is the go-to choice for marketers or companies at the onset of their marketing endeavors, especially beginners or those at early stages, given its more lenient free plan and incremental pricing based on the growth of the contact list. The Standard Plan is $16/month. Omnisend is a more affordable choice, making it especially appealing for beginners and small businesses. 

What ecommerce platforms does Omnisend integrate with?


Detailed Feature and Pricing Comparison Table


Klaviyo vs Omnisend: Decoding the Best Email Marketing Solution
Klaviyo vs Omnisend: Decoding the Best Email Marketing Solution

Free plan

Google Ads integration

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Mobile responsive

Email templates

Though Growave may not offer SMS and email functionalities, it boasts a suite of indispensable features, all seamlessly integrated into one user-friendly dashboard. It has loyalty, reviews, wishlists, and Instagram shoppable galleries. Exclusively crafted for Shopify, it's a trusted choice for renowned global brands like Lego, KOOKAI, Mustela, SONY, and Logitech. By opting for this comprehensive app, you can eliminate the need for multiple subscriptions. Moreover, while other apps demand high fees for limited features, this one offers more at a reasonable cost. What's more, it has a Klaviyo integration.


While both platforms, Klaviyo and Omnisend, provide useful tools for e-commerce email marketing, they serve various purposes. Klaviyo shines with its cutting-edge segmentation and analytics, making it the best choice for ecommerce companies looking for granular insights and personalization. On the other hand, organizations seeking simplicity and breadth in their marketing initiatives can consider Omnisend because of its multi-channel capabilities and user-friendly interface. Omnisend is tailored for novices, whereas Klaviyo caters to seasoned marketers or ecommerce businesses with a larger marketing budget.